About me

  • August 27, 2019
  • February 24, 2021

Thank you for visiting my blog site! I am Sayaka, from a beautiful prefecture Kochi, Japan. Kochi is often chosen as one of the best prefecture where you can enjoy delicious local foods by travellers (You can find the survey here although it is written in Japanese…). You should definitely visit my hometown!

I came to Vancouver in the end of September 2016 to become a better developer. I learned Mobile App development at a private college, and finally, I am going to start working as a developer in September 2019.

My background

I majored in Education, and my minor was piano in University. I spent most of my time on practicing piano. I love Chopin the best!

After a year of graduation, I joined a magazine company as a part-time writer because the job posting said that they were looking for people who loved our prefecture and I was the right person! Some time later, I became a full-time writer and worked there for 3years and 6months in total. I conducted interviews, took pictures and wrote articles. I am proud of having worked there and I still love the company and people whom I met there.

While I was working for the magazine company, I used Microsoft Excel, being obsessed with it. I thought “I want to work on Excel all day!” and realized that programming is what I really wanted to do. I decided to leave the company and become a developer.

Although I didn’t have any experiences as a developer, I was hired as a frontend web developer at a consulting company fortunately. (It is usual that a person with no experience is hired as a developer in Japan) The first thing I learned about was “network.” My supervisor told me that the basic knowledge is very important to find the cause of issues. Since then, I have been thinking that I need to become a developer who has overall knowledge.

I learned HTML5, CSS3, WordPress and Google Analytics from books, creating responsive websites from scratch. I started wanting to learn development at school because; 1. I wasn’t sure if my code was good or not, and there was no one to give me the answer. 2. There was no chance to work with programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP. I ended up choosing Vancouver to study programming in English (I believe that English helps me to become a better developer). To be honest, I wasn’t particular about the country I would study and my first decision was India. However, I am glad I decided to come to Vancouver :)

My goal

in a year

to be expertise in stuck (React, Redux, testing) used at the company I am going to join.

in 3 years

to be good at backend development as well.

in 5 years

to be able to lead a team. I don’t mean I would like to lead a team, but I would like to be a developer who can make important decisions.

in 10 years

My ultimate goal is to become a developer who makes people’s lives better, and I would like to help people especially in my prefecture. At this moment, I am guessing the industry where I can accomplish my goal might be Civic Tech. So, I hope I will be working in Civic Tech in 10 years.

What I like

I love eating out and taking pictures of food! I want to try foods from many countries. I also love to explore cities. And… I would like to learn how to dance!

Let’s connect!

Thank you for reading! I would like to meet many people and make connections to share each other’s knowledge, skills and many other things. Please feel free to contact me!